PHS - Personne Hautement Sensible
HSP - Highly Sensitive Person



20% de la population humaine est hautement sensible. Il s'agit d'une caractéristique héréditaire


About The Highly Sensitive Person - HSP

The author of The Highly Sensitive Person, Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D., summarizes the trait of high sensitivity. A free, easy test to determine if you are an HSP (highly sensitive person) is on her web site:



The Highly Sensitive Person Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D _Website

Riding Between the Worlds: Expanding Our Potential Through the Way of the Horse By Linda Kohanov



The Highly Sensitive Person: An Interview with Elaine AronExcerpts from an interview with Elaine Aron Ph.D., author and psychologist


Personne hypesensible





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23 August 2013


27 november 2013

Dear Highly Sensitive (HS) Reader,
Happy (if-we-play-our-HS-cards-right) Holidays! Our HS world is getting more and more full. There are TEN announcements below, the longer ones with links, so I will get right to them:

  1. Welcome to the last, or maybe next-to-last, Comfort Zone newsletter. (You see why there's an article in this issue on trouble making decisions!) If you'd like to know my thinking on this...
  2. You are all invited to submit a brief "HSP success story" for a book of same name to be edited by Ted Zeff. This is a great idea and should inspire many. Do consider adding your story.

Articles in this issue:

  1. A Brief Reminder for the Holidays
  2. An HSP (me) Visits New Zealand, or Why this Newsletter is Late
  3. On Making Decisions
  4. Discussing your Trait with Therapists




Comment arrêter d'absorber l'énergie d'autres personnes 
* Author of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM and the bestseller POSITIVE ENERGY, Dr. Judith Orloff, tells everyone who's ever been labeled as "highly sensitive" how to keep your energy high, even in negative or frustrating situations. A liberating video for anyone who tend to feel exhausted by the world





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